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A short Journal AB/DL play (age play and diapering)

Originally posted by mercenary_miss at A short Journal AB/DL play (age play and diapering)
 My introduction to AB/DL came unexpectedly. I was being visited by an anonymous truck-driving submissive, who liked spending his downtime on Ebay, shopping for kink toys. He brought me garbage bags full of bras and panties. He gave me all sorts of odds and ends that he had won for some fair bid. Nearly everything was a welcome gift. Anyway, I digress from that tangent. One visit he brought a baby blue cloth printed nappy. Upon it there were scores of adorable animals. I thought it was a little blanket. I loved it immediately. Then he divulged it was, in fact, a diaper.

I had never considered the idea of age play. It wasn't unappealing to me, it was simply off my 'grid'. My introduction was gradual as most of my current play partners weren't interested in the activity. I did end up slowly meeting more ABers and developed a bit of a diaper fetish, myself. I also enjoy playing younger myself. I'm sort of a babygirl Mistress. I play a mean, sadistic little girl (which is kind of accurate). I did not wear a diaper until a online discussion with a diaper fetishist had me sleeping like a baby in one (literally). Despite my being a natural little girl I most typically play Mommy, babysitter, and big sister. 

I enjoy a large variety of kinks. I can relate to most all of it, but I take my own perspective. I adore combining diapers and corporal (as a giant paddle can feel fabulous on padded bums). I also enjoy suppositories and some forms of messy play, although I don't like to clean those kinds of diapers up. *phew*. I would enjoy trying more cloth diapers out. I have used a lot of disposables (which makes me feel a little guilty about trash and the environment). I would like to feel like a responsible kinkster, after all :)
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