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Hi. I'm Fi. I'm not entirely new to infantilism as I have looked up many things about it, but I still do not know a lot and apologize if I come across as ignorant or insensitive. In all honesty, I'm just uninformed. I discovered that I was into ageplay about five years ago; I haven't done much with it offline, other than occasionally dressing as younger than I am. I'm rather short, so I can still wear children's clothing. I realized that I had an interest in infantilism recently...and I'm honestly having a difficult time with it. I don't understand why; I have no problem with infantilism itself nor with others who are interested in it...but for some reason I feel guilty and ashamed for liking it. I was wondering if anyone might be able to offer some advice on how to become more comfortable with the fact that I like it. I was also wondering if anyone might be able to offer advice on how a little can enjoy infantilism, without a big, or parent figure. (I apologize if my terminology is incorrect.) 
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