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'Toronto ABDL/Ageplay Group' Monthly Munch! - April 16th


In and around Toronto there are a lot more ABDLs, ageplayers and babyfurs than you might think!  Wouldn’t it be fun and exciting to hangout with like minded people ~ make some new friends or see familiar ones?  Come join us in a safe and friendly environment over dinner!  


WHEN:    The munches take place every 3rd Saturday of each month. The next munch date is: April 16th

    Munches take place at 7pm until whenever.

    The Gov’nor Pub, located at 401 Bloor Street East, just west of Sherbourne subway station.

WEBSITE:   http://www.govnorpub.com/

    The best way to The Gov’nor Pub would be to take the subway to Sherbourne subway station on the Bloor-Danforth line, and walk from there.

If you need public transit information, check out http://www.ttc.ca, http://www.gotransit.ca, or http://www.viarail.ca.

For those who are driving, have a look on Google Maps: Click here!

If you need specific directions from a particular location, please email me: discourse-dumpling@hotmail.com

There is a public parking lot directly behind The Gov’nor Pub (enter off of Selby Street) and costs $6.  The parking ticket machine takes Toonies (Canadian $2 coin) only so be sure to bring three of them along.

HOW TO FIND US:   The munch organizer looks like this ~ short, Asian and wears a spunky hat.  Our table is usually at the back, in the raised level area, near the projector screen. 

The munch organizer will generally be there a few minutes early to request a group of tables be set aside as seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.  That being said, it is important to be at the restaurant as close to 7pm as possible to ensure that the group is seated together.  Those who come later might not be seated at the group table, depending on how busy the restaurant is ~ you might be able to request a table near ours as an alternative.

IMPORTANT NOTE:    This is a *public place* so due discretion is warranted. (i.e. don't come wearing obvious diapers, bondage gear, etc. and don't make a scene. :-)

The munches are NOT a "pickup event"
and are NON-SEXUAL in nature. This goes for the munch itself and anywhere the group may go afterwards. It's not a night for "getting some" :-)

CONTACT INFO:   Have more questions? Feel free to email me: discourse-dumpling@hotmail.com

See you there!



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